This is the parent's guide for th film.

Sex & Nudity

  • No sexual content is in the film.

Violence & Gore

  • There are multiple scenes of violence, however it is not graphic and is quick.
  • A storm hits a boat; there is a prolonged scene which the members of the ship are seen being thrashed around in the water, and eventually the boat capsizes, one of the members is thrown out and dies.
  • A man is impaled in the head by a hook on a wall. He pulls his head out of it and blood sputters everywhere. We later see the bloody hole in his head, this is seen multiple times in the film.
  • A man is shot in the chest and he falls off a balcony.
  • A man and woman are also shot multiple times, this is seen multiple times in the film.
  • A man is slit in the throat and is stabbed repeatedly, and a woman is stabbed in the stomach and bleeds to death.
  • We find a man dead in a cabin, with blood splattered all over the walls.
  • A woman bashes another woman to death with a metal mallet. Not graphic, but it is heard and can be disturbing.
  • A seagull hits a windshield and blood is seen, she then throws the dead seagull into the ocean, where there are multiple dead seagulls.
  • A car crash is seen, a woman and her child dies; we see their bodies.


  • About 15 or 16 F-Words and there are few other mild profanities.
  • Name calling (bitch, freaking psycho, retarded and slut.)

Alcoho/Drug Abuse

  • A woman asks another if she'd like some champagne, she agrees (though we don't see them drinking it.)

Intense Scenes

  • The film can be intense, but isn't horrific and disturbing compared to other horror films.
  • The death and the car crash scenes can be frightening and violent.