Jess talks to Jack

Jess's home.

Jess's home is a location seen in the film.


The location is seen twice, in the begining of the film and  near the end.

Movie Story

Jess arrives and sees Tommy. The other Jess enters and yells at him for not taking care of his toys. Tommy sees her and accidentally spills the paint. Sun dress Jess then hits him. Jess rings the doorbell, sun dress Jess goes to answer, she asks Jack. Jess goes to the toolshed and gets a sledge hammer and kills the other Jess as she was about to get ready. Jess is then seen comforting Tommy. She places the body in a duffel bag and stuffs it with clothes. She sees the note and leaves for the harbor along with Tommy.


  • The address matches a cabin in the film.


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