Smiles at Sallygg
General Information
Gender Female
Affiliations Sally
Status Alive (possibly)
Debut Triangle
Appearances Triangle
Portrayed by Emma Lung
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Apparently bad dreams cure you of real life stress. As indeed does champagne.
— Heather speaks to Jess.

Heather is a character seen in the film.

Actor Portrayal

Emma Lung portrayed Heather.

Movie Story

Heather is seen with Downey and Sally as they arrive. She is introduced to Greg. She then meets Jess while she awoke after sleeping. Heather speaks to Sally, they were conversing about Jess.

As Greg is talking to Jess, Heather interrupts. She told them that Sally wants to speak to Jess. Seconds later, the storm appears and the Triangle is caught in it. Heather was in the bottom of the boat with the others. She was last seen being thrown out of the window by the pressure of the water.

Heather was briefly seen at the end of the film as the cycle continues.


Her best friend is Sally.

She and Downey are friends.

She expresses a liking towards Victor.


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  • It is likely that she's alive.

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