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• 3/14/2014

Sea Gull significance ???

What do the seagulls symbolize?
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• 3/21/2014

In the DVD commentary, Christopher Smith says that much of what we see on the ship, such as the corridors and the seagull that permanently chases Jess, are designed to echo things we see at the house. This is to give the audience a "dreamlike quality" so that when Jess returns home, they feel that something is "not right" and that "maybe she's in this loop and will be stuck in this loop forever."

However, Smith has stated in interviews that the seagull is also meant partly as a reference to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and has acknowledged that "That whole poem has significance to the story, which is that if you kill a seagull before you go sailing, that brings you bad luck."

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